Scribble Stick Set 3: Pastels & Metallics…..Released Today!

Hello, friends! A question I get asked a lot is, "Will there ever be any more Scribble Sticks?" At long last, let me introduce you to Scribble Stick Set #3. It has the six new pastel colors that came out in January, as well as the six metallics. Can I get a HUZZAH?!! This collection adds the lighter values that are missing in the other sets. I think you'll love working with them!


I did the face below with mostly the metallic sticks. I added Mineral stick around the face, and a few details with the Stabilo All pencil. The metallic colors don't photograph well…I promise they are shimmery.

Dina ss3 03

Dina ss3 01

Dina ss3 07

Dina ss3 04

Dina ss3 06
Dina ss3 06