Watching, by Dina Wakley

Expressive Abstractions: From Page to Panel, with Dina Wakley

Date: 3-day workshop, Feb 2 7/28/29, 2020

Time: Arrive at the center around 9:30 a.m. Class is 10 am-12 noon, and 1 pm to 5 pm.

Cost: $495

Location: Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, Arizona

There are two definitions of abstract art: 1) non-representational, and 2) representational but with details removed. I love both types of abstract work.

All Roads, by Dina Wakley

In this class, we’ll make exploratory abstractions in our art journals. I will guide you through some of my favorite processes for loosening up, working organically, creating abstractions (non-representational as well as faces, figures, and flowers), and building on concepts and ideas.

On day 3, we’ll take our favorite elements from those pages and transfer them to our panels, to create a triptych that is full of expression and color.

Dina will provide: acrylic paint and mediums, stencils, marking tools, Stabilo pencils.

Please bring:

  • your favorite brushes, including some large ones
  • brush-cleaning cup/basin
  • scissors
  • two art journals
  • baby wipes/paper towels/art rag
  • 3 12×12 (or any size you want to work on) wood panels or canvases
  • a pad of watercolor paper (I will work on 9×12, bring any size you wish)


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About Sedona Arts Center

Sedona, Arizona

The Sedona Arts Center is a delightful place for making art. You will feel a bit of magic when you’re there–from the art, from the red rocks and blue sky, from the artists you’re surrounded by, from yourself. Click here for travel and lodging information near the center. Note that you will not register for my class through the center, you register through me at the link provided above.

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